World architectures
Digital illustrations

These collection of illustrations represent an opulent version of world architectures. Each building has something that makes it special. Either it's history, it's style or it's symbolism. By adding new details, and redefining the color-code, I intend to make these architectures even more appealing.

Nahargarh Hotel in Jaipur
Nahargarh Palace Hotel gate, an example of traditional Rajasthani architecture. The building is defined by its intricate details and opulence.

Chinese Pagoda in Paris

Chinese Pagoda in Paris. The building was bought and transformed into a Chinese Pagoda in 1925 by Mr. Ching Tsai Loo, a celebrated collector and dealer of Asian art and antiques.

Old house in Kashgar, China.
The city was an oasis in the times of the Silk Road

Japanese Pagoda close to Mount Fuji

Chureito Pagoda at the bottom of Mount Fuji

Boutique and cafe in Notting Hill, London; famous for its illustrated façade that has become something of an Instagram sensation.

Chanel store in Amsterdam by MVRDV
The innovative facade uses glass bricks and windows frames to recreate the city's traditional architectural style. Towards the upper storeys, the glass elements merge with the original terracotta brickwork to create the illusion of a dissolving wall.

Havana Houses
Paseo del Prado: Colourful colonial buildings in Old Havana