Paper sculpture

I have always been interested in culture, heritage and craftsmanship, and I think this project combines all these.

Mandalas, usually painted in flat surfaces and used in meditation, represent 3D palaces where each element has a specific significance.
I wanted to reinterpret and recreate a palace that could be contemplated from any angle, allowing the viewer to discover new layers of information and details by going around the piece.

This mandala is a mix of all the things I like, with elements from Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, like lotuses and their symbolism or the Gayatri Mantra.

I began by studying traditional mandalas’ composition, then removing elements and adding new ones.
I then designed each layer, and looked for the right color combinations that would convey peace, and invite to meditation.

If you would like to buy any of these mandalas you can visit:

Or else, if you would like to commission your own personalised mandala, contact me at

Bespoke frame by @artgtaphicsuk

The video was edited and designed by my super talented friend @analivier , an artistic muse for me since we met in 2012